There is something captivating about Emirates Cabin Crew and their stunning and easy recognizable uniform. Being at the forefront of the airline and serving as the direct link to customers, their uniform identity has won many hearts with many desiring to have an opportunity to work there.

Daniel Kumevor is one out of over a 100 other Ghanaian working with Emirates, an award winning global airline while enjoying the best opportunities working in a multi-cultural environment and living his best lifestyle.

Currently a Supervisor In-flight Emirates, Daniel’s recounts how his remarkable journey as a Cabin Crew started off during his first flight experience with a Ghanaian Cabin Crew member in 2008 while traveling back home with 4 other colleagues from the University of Ghana on board Emirates. This lady after the boarding procedures caught up with them and encouraged them to take a chance and apply for a job on their website when they needed a job.

Two years after that encounter, Daniel decided to apply for a job with Emirates and to his amazement, he was selected among a few other Ghanaians to begin training and subsequently commence work as a Cabin Crew.

Looking all dapper in his rich chocolate color suit featuring a subtle cream and red pinstripe complemented with a cream-colored shirt and a brown tie that has diagonal red strips, Daniel shares his experience and life with fellow social media influencers and journalists over lunch at the Golden Tulip Hotel.

Daniel explains his role as a Supervisor as one that involves being well knowledgeable about all the procedures. “I always go in anytime they need help to offer assistance. Because I have been through all the ranks so I know what works and offer assistance. You are trained on the service flow and how to talk to your customers such as phrases to use for the President or a Minister and you need to be able offer them first class treatment.”

For Daniel, aside going through all the trainings on how to dress and look good at all times, his most gratifying moment is to make people happy and so he always wears a smile no matter what. Even when dealing with angry customers, all he has to do is to smile “My smile, I have never had one (in reference to angry customers), really, I always think, you don’t know what really happened to the person, he might not be smiling because maybe he had an issue at the airport or maybe had a bad day”. All he has to do is to welcome the person with a smile.

While he is flying across the entire world for mostly 22 days and only gets off for about 8 days, Daniel also finds fulfillment in supporting and working with other colleagues in making an impact in the lives of others through donation and charity events.

The Emirates experience which puts your Safety, Entertainment and Service first also compliments his natural genes as a Ghanaian identified mostly as hospitable, honest, humble and very happy people.