In April, I get to start all over again.

The month of April which means “to open” or blossom always has a special effect on me. For me, its another opportunity to open up to the things that I thought I couldn’t achieve in the last year. To take new chances and live life again because I am only alive because He kept me alive.

To others, birthdays are simply nothing than just any regular day but for me its a special day. I wait 365 days to get to experience this day. Don’t forget its not everyone who gets the chance to live another day.

The last year had been my most challenging year yet but I did learnt some few lessons because guess what, I came out better, stronger and more content.

  • I’ll please myself first
  • I’ll never to regret any decision I make no matter the circumstances
  • My happiness is a choice I must always choose to own
  • Things happen for a purpose not for nothing
  • Life isn’t a race, its a journey I have already started and I will get to the intended desitination
  • That being real to myself saves me from so much stress
  • My purpose is totally different from anyone else
  • Whatever is causing me to worry or be in pain right now won’t be forever. Time heals. Things change and it will pass
  • It’s all about positivity

One thing I kept telling God throughout last year was not to put me to shame nor forsake me and He never did.  I’m immensely grateful for my new age because I am proud of what has become of the Faith Senam April who few years back was just a little girl with aspirations.

Today, those aspirations are my reality, my smiles, my pain and my lessons and still my aspirations to be a better person making an impact.

This new year, I will be #OwningMyHappiness

Thankful to all who never gave up on supporting and being there for me.