There are many fashion businesses in Ghana that are still yet to define which segment of the fashion market they belong or target. Be it a luxury or mass consumer brands, knowing who your customers are sets the tone for success of your fashion business.

Understanding your customers means knowing their interests, needs, demographics, lifestyle and purchasing power amongst others. Every aspect of your brand’s marketing has to correlate with your ideal customer. Your brand identity, positioning, attributes and brand building process are better developed and guided by what you know about your potential customers.

This implies that, knowing your target market helps you right from the start till you are able to achieve your overall brand and business goal. Once a decision is made to launch your own fashion brand, this should be clearly answered; who is your target market?

For many entrepreneurs, they think it’s best to target as many as possible. But the truth is that you will be spending lots of money producing and sending your designs to everywhere and most probably the wrong places. Especially because you have failed to know who your customers are and how to get to them. When the right targeting is done, you are able to position your brand advantageously to sell and eventually grow your business.

The ultimate goal of every business is to sell and make money. No matter how you could be producing the best collections or designs that could look good on almost any fashionable woman or man, when you fail to know how to match your designs and brand to the right customers, you could definitely be missing the ultimate goal.

As a Fashion PR representative for one of the leading fashion brands in Ghana, we have had several invitations to participate at trade shows or pop up events. Being a high-end to mid class brand, we carefully analyze the event and anticipate the kind of people the event is targeting. Are they the kind of people we want to reach? Will they be interested in our designs when they attend the event?  Will people be able to afford or buy our pieces when they come there? These are some of the questions we try to answer before accepting or declining the invitation. You don’t need to be everywhere just because you have been invited.

Be it a luxury brand or mass market brand, carefully analyze where you want your brand to be and decide what is best for your brand. For instance exhibitions, pop up events, sales events are best for mass market brands whereas, private sales, presentations are best of luxury brands.

The success of any business is knowing where and how to get your product to your customers and the best part is they being willing to pay to get that product because it meets their needs. This means that knowing and understanding your customer’s needs helps you to plan your marketing and sales strategy to your advantage and grows your fashion business into new markets and territories.