Collaboration as a practice within the fashion industry has become an important value creating concept. Many times we have read and heard people talk about the power of collaboration and how important it is for fashion brands to collaborate yet have wondered how and why one should collaborate.  Most collaborations are business-driven pairings while some are friends teaming up and others are a group of creatives trying to be disruptive to a cause while expanding their reach.

The fashion industry in Ghana is yet to fully witness exciting collaborations from brands even though we have witnessed a number of them from Designers, Makeup Artists, Creative Directors, Photographers and many other parties with the wedding space leading quite strongly.

In recent times, we saw collaborations from Vlisco & Co made up of young and emerging designers and creatives such as Ushie, House of Paon and Kelvincent. Another remarkable collaboration was between Papa Oppong & Lawdin and host of other creatives in the For the Birds Presentation.

We also have Cross-brand which looks at collaboration across other industries and these collaborations have become an ideal way to speak to the visual and cultural complexity of today’s consumer who has so much options to choose from. With the fashion industry getting saturated all the time, collaboration could help you build greater ideas, strengthen relationships for future gains, serve as a win-win for all collaborators and also offer opportunities to share ideas and cost.

Builds Greater Ideas

When people come together with different areas of strength and expertise, they are able to create more ideas and work better. Once all parties are on the same page with regards to clear objectives and goals and dedicated towards the ultimate vision of the collaboration, they are most likely to build on initial ideas. That said, ideas can often get bigger than what is initially laid out which means as a collaborator one must be ready to create room for expansion and incorporation of bigger ideas when the need arises in order to achieve a much desired result.

Strengthens Relationship

Collaboration among brands cutting across different areas helps to build mutual relationship for a common goal. The period within which the campaign or project is being worked on provides room to learn from each other and better still build good relationships valuable for the future. When collaborations turn out well, brands are able to enjoy leads to future deals and referrals even when the same parties may not be part of it going forward.

Win-win for Collaborators

When brands collaborate, they transform a creative vision into something tangible and profitable for all parties. It becomes a win-win for each party involved to optimize the opportunity and tap into each other’s respective creative pool, client base and following.  Depending on the overall goal for the collaboration, it could drive sales action, generate buzz or create awareness for the project or campaign.

Exchange of Ideas and Cost Sharing

A lot of times when brands collaborate, there is the exchange of ideas across board which allows for collaborators to share their creativity, emotions and vision while learning from each other. It also offers the benefits of sharing the cost of production on the project or campaign as well as the risks associated with working alone.

For many designers and creatives looking to try out something new, explore collaborating with brands in other areas such as décor, furniture, music, lifestyle, technology etc. That said, ensure that you collaborate with individuals or companies whose brand image and target market matches yours and one you can work with to bring out the concept and vision just the way you intend to or possibly even better.