Women in PR Ghana Summit 2018 may have been over but not without me picking up a few lessons. This year’s event was a success. Yes, I’m glad to say that because we had a room full of amazing PR professionals at different levels of their career path and Students . It was inspiring and empowering as we had worked and researched well to have seasoned Speakers and Panel of our time who were willing to share and impart knowledge to us.

Here are few lessons I learnt along the way:

God will plant the right people your way

This year has been one of a kind. From getting our main guest Speaker Thabisile Phumo who accepted our invitation and fully sponsored her trip to Ghana. God made sure we found favor at most important places.  Afia Drah (PR Head at Trust Hospital) spoke to me about inviting her for this year’s event even when we had no sponsorship for her flight and accommodation. I put my name (Faith) to work and said okay and sent the invitation. How we got the rest of the Speakers and Panelists, I can only say, God makes a way always.

People will support your dreams if you first believe in it

Few years back when I thought of starting Women in PR Ghana, I engaged a few people to seek their counsel before starting out. I have been blessed with so many people along the way who sincerely wanted to see this grow. Even though I knew what I wanted to do with it, I wasn’t fully clear how I was going to achieve that. Engaging the right people got me to make those moves that has brought WiPR Ghana where it is today. I haven’t stopped because every now and then, I am blessed with people who encourage me, advise and support me and some who have identified with it and join in to build this brand.

Not everyone will actually buy into your idea

Starting out, I was certain this was a great idea because it was a women related event. You know how we say women empowerment and we presume everything along that will fall into place. That wasn’t the case. In several instances, we identified companies and individuals we knew in one way or the other will benefit from this unique platform but unfortunately, I heard several No! It’s not everyone who thinks Women in PR Ghana will be useful to them today or tomorrow. In fact, its not there to serve everyone. I had to learn to accept the No answers because its not everyone who will buy into your idea. It’s normal!

Don’t Worry 

A lot of times, I find myself troubled because of the No’s and when things aren’t taking shape as I hope for. This phrase I often hear from Paulina Kuranchie. Anytime I fret over an issue or a challenge, she constantly reminds me not to worry as things will work out well. Her very words “Faith, don’t worry, things will work out and you will see”. I find such words a lot of times timely because I mostly worry about things that are beyond me. Eventually, we get past it and move on. In God’s time, things always fall in place so don’t worry as this too shall pass.

People will wait to see it grow first

You know how you start something and people are not sure so they don’t want to be associated with it because it may affect their image or brand. Yes! That’s how I feel sometimes when I speak about WiPR to others. They are not sure and so wouldn’t want to sponsor or accept to speak. I’m sure by the time we hit the third, fourth or fifth event and standing strong, we won’t struggle to get people and companies to be on board.

Your true friends support you first

One of the amazing experiences I have had especially starting out Women in PR Ghana was the encouragement and support I have had from people I am proud to call friends. They wouldn’t just attend the event to support, but personally contribute to make each year’s event a success. As we decided to make this 2nd year’s event a FREE to Attend, and with little sponsorship coming from Corporate Organization, financial contributions from friends and some WiPR were very helpful to take care of the cost of the venue (partly sponsored by the hotel) snacks, planning and execution (Setup, Media, Brand and Printing materials, transportation etc)

Lastly, Women in PR Ghana has had great support from Day 1. To Sadat, Bridget, Paulina, Afia, Nana Glover, Millicent, Nana Mensah, Gameli were there through it holding the event down till e Etornam and Yvonne were keenly in charge of the social Media pages while Benedicta handled the Registrations and Judith handled the Guests. Also, with support from Excelsis and Vibelens for the videos, Presentation Plus for all the Screens and Event support Service, we did again pull off another remarkable event. And to my girlfriends Kate, Getty, Klenam and Yayra who aren’t into PR but have attended both events and have been extremely supportive from the very start, I say i’m thankful.

I’m humbled by these lessons and support while I look forward to the next activities we will embark on in the course of the year.  I’m open to suggestions your on how we can move this community to greater heights.

The vision for Women in PR Ghana is big and I’m certain we will achieve it together.