“The great victory, which appears so simple today, was the result of a series of small victories that went unnoticed” Paulo Coelho. Today, I am counting my over 100 articles as a Fashion Columnist with the Business and Financial Times Newspaper (the leading financial newspaper in Ghana) since starting out in July 2016.
Maybe I should tell you how it all started;
I started this blog in October 2011 (yes, it’s been 7 years now) when I discovered the career path I wanted to chart; pursue a career in Fashion PR. As a fresh graduate from the African University College of Communications, I wasn’t sure what next for me after my graduation as I was by then working as a Cashier with Tigo Ghana (now Airtel Tigo). I wanted a job in PR but no one will hire me because I didn’t have experience in PR.
I decided to start a blog where I can share my experiences and ideas on how PR could be helpful for Fashion brands. Among topics I wrote on included Creating a Fashion Brand Identity, building your Beauty Brand Using PR amongst others. Even if it was once or twice a month, I was writing.
By mid-2016, I had resigned from my job with Global Media Alliance and was ready to take on a solo path which means taking this blogging to a different level.
But guess what, I met Bernard Ashiadey one day at a Fashion Event. (Something you will mostly find me doing). We talked and he said “Oh Faith, what do you think if you could be writing on Fashion for the B&FT on Fridays. Since I handle the Lifestyle insert on Fridays, it could be a perfect fit” I couldn’t believe it, yes I had just been handed this opportunity that you have no idea I had been meaning to go ask for.
I had my first published column in July 2016 and since then, my article has been published each week.
I named my Column “Fashion & More with Faith Senam” to cover all fashion, beauty and lifestyle related event or activity. I have written and featured over 100 articles so far and counting.
Honestly, there were few times I nearly gave up because I thought I had exhausted everything I wanted to write about and had writer’s block. Also because of some of the frustrating moments when I reached out to designers to feature them and they would simply ignore me or won’t send me the information needed and my submission deadline was due.
Now, I feel like I am ready to take this to another level because there is a lot to say, know and learn about within the fashion space. I review events I attend and share my thoughts on issues affecting fashion businesses. I am looking forward to growing this into a great and informative platform and powerhouse. (watch out)
If you have an amazing brand, event or wants to launch your new collection or product or need some reviews done for you, hit me up via email at faithsenam@gmail.com.
Congratulations to me and cheers to us working together in the future.