This phrase may often be said to people but can equally be applicable to our businesses. It is believed that one is likely to soon forget people or things that are no longer visible or present. This means that, as long as you stay in the background, you don’t talk about your product or service and you don’t engage and connect with your customers, you have the tendency to be forgotten after a period of time.

It may look a lot of work to constantly be introducing new products or services just to keep your brand active. However, there are other strategies you can use to keep your brand top of mind or visible at every point in time. For many fashion designers, it is ideal to produce 2 major collections in a year within which you can also introduce your resort collection in between the major collections. This could be dependent on the kind of production you are into be it Haute Couture, Ready to Wear or Mass Market.

Your brand needs to be in sight to be in the minds of consumers. Here are a few ways you can achieve that without breaking the bank:

Send Quarterly Newsletters

One way to keep your customers informed about what you do is to devise a consistent means of engaging with your customers on a periodic basis without having to appear desperate. Newsletters via email marketing are a sure way to do so. However, you don’t need to bombard them every week or every month with what you are about. A quarterly newsletter should suffice. The Newsletter should include your latest development and news as a brand be it new pieces or color variations or add-ons made to the collections currently on sale.

Mini Events

In order to keep your brand active and talked about, you can equally organize your own “Sip and Shop”, or Pop Up events as a way to create brand presence. You could even offer special discounts to get your customers excited and more interested in what you have on sale. Promotions are a great way to keep your brand talked about.

If organizing these events could be a bit on the high side due to the cost implications you could partner with a venue outlet, or with other brands who may be interested in sharing the cost and as well as rip the benefits as well.

Speaking Engagements

In the event that you have nothing like new additions to introduce, one other way is to leverage on speaking opportunities. These are invitations you received to speak at an event or could be the other way around, which is to pitch yourself up for these opportunities. Speaking engagements are subtle ways of communicating your brand without directly selling your product to the audience. Brand mentions are a sure way to create visibility for your brand with the right audience. For instance, you own a skincare brand, pitching to speak at Makeup and Beauty fairs are a great way to get yourself out there for your brand.

Social Media Promotions

We can never eliminate the power of social media in any discussion today. According to the Business of Fashion State of Fashion 2018 Report “the average consumer spends about eight hours a day online; from social media to video streaming and shopping amongst other things”. It also found that even “the modern shopper’s comfort with digital channels and content has changed the consumer purchase journey from a traditional linear model, to a complex journey across online and offline touchpoints. But regardless of touchpoint, consumers expect a consistent brand experience at all times.”

In an era where these consumers are becoming more sensitive to their needs, you need to be strategic about how you work with your brand because many of their purchasing decisions are based on whether a company’s practices and mission align with their values. “This is a generation that has higher expectations on what a company should be able to deliver: convenience, quality, values orientation, newness — and price.” Bof State of Fashion 2018 report.

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