Last week I took up another opportunity to organize a one of a kind Masterclass in PR for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. In my last 6 years years running a fashion PR consultancy in Ghana, I have come face to face with some of the pressing communication lapses many startups and entrepreneurs encounter which adversely affect how their brand grow and is perceived.

This class was birthed out of several discussions with these young entrepreneurs who have struggled with how to build strong and recognizable brands and stay ahead of their competitors and I particularly designed this to help them unravel some of these challenges and take them through how to win in this competitive space.

I am passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow through PR campaigns and strategic partnerships and I have created this class based on my experience handling PR for some of the leading fashion brands in Ghana to guide their growth process. This will focus on managing their positioning and developing strategies that will create awareness and increase brand knowledge.

I hosted the class with Stephen N. Boadi who is also Marketing and Communications Professional, at Enable Growth Consult. Stephen comes on board with over 20 years’ experience in Marketing & Communications. His core areas of expertise are in Digital Marketing and Communications as he has worked with several multinational and local organisations in Ghana, rest of Africa and Europe including Sony (UK), Barclays Capital, Wembley, Abbey, PZ Cussons Africa, CHRISAACH, Access Bank, ADB and Bradford & Bingley.

Here are some key points from the class:

  • Don’t be in a hurry to start a business without doing proper research into your product or service and your industry and having a communication plan that will map out how you will communicate your brand values.
  • Your talent and passion alone is not to enough to make you win in the industry within which you operate. Invest in building a strong, recognizable and lovable brand using Public Relations at the center.
  • Using PR includes knowing your product and what needs it solves, creating your story, identifying your target market, selecting your media channel, using various communication tools applicable and capitalizing on the results to get maximum benefit for your brand.
  • Public Relations helps you to develop a brand identity and personality, build consumer interest and grow consumer trust.
  • Every business has a story to tell. How you tell it makes the difference. If you don’t, someone else will do it for you. And when they do, depending on what their motive is could have the propensity to damaging.
  • PR is about relationships. Building strategic relationships with your customers, retailers, media, bloggers, influencers and other stakeholders help you to connect to these people who become your loyal clients, ambassadors and advocates.
  • Social Media creates alot of opportunities for every business but creating your unique story, content and engagement will make you stand out.


Our first class was a great one with young people poised to take their brand to a different level and improve their customer experience and relationship. Thanks to our first participants Clement Asemnyra, Rose Anku, Joy Laryea and Glenda Hayford.

And thanks to my team Bridget, Benedicta (NB: they both have fashion labels @Qafwee and @Kratemaa respectively)

Our next class will be up soon and I would announce the details when we are ready. If you are an entrepreneur or knows anyone who you think would need this class, send us an email at to book your seat in advance for the next session.

Photocredit: Faithful Spirit Photography