In today’s social media era, we consume content on a daily basis in different ways. These may be coming from brands we love and have deliberately signed up to or even those we may not be interested in. Whereas some may be boring others may have the tendency to grab your attention by the second. It is often said, “content is king” and as such we need to focus on creating the right kinds of content that will build our brand and reach the intended audience.

As a brand, it is important to know what makes your customers tick and be able to develop the kind of content that works for them. Creating content has become very important in today’s social media age. Brands are depending heavenly on content to sell their products and customers are equally depending on content to make buying decisions.

One sure way to help build your business’ brand is by creating and owning your content. Content will help your brand build trust, while also entertaining and educating your consumers about what you do and why you do it. In developing your content strategy, you need to understand your audience, differentiate yourself from competition, promote your content and repeatedly say what you do differently.

Understand the mind of your audience

The better understanding you have of the mind of your audience, the more effectively you’ll be able to create contents that are shareable. It’s one thing to develop content and another to develop contents that resonates with your audience. Always make sure to answer questions such as will my customers like this, will they identify with it, will they learn something from it? These can shape the kinds of content you share about your brand. A better understanding of your audience influences the type of contents you share, to who and even on which medium to share it.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Standing out in a crowded space is no joke. It takes a lot of hard work but once achieved, you are bound to rip the benefits immensely. People can easily connect with your brand if your content is unique, relatable and appeals to certain needs of your audience. Making your content unique helps people to identify you easily which differentiates you from your competitor.

Promote your content

If you think just because you create your own content the bus stops, then you must be doing your brand is disservice. Invest in promoting it to get more people to know about it. It is also at this point you can leverage on shareable icons. This way, when people like what they see, they can also share it to a larger audience and by that you are growing your reach.

Say what you do, over and over but differently

Don’t stop at telling people what you do and why you do it. But truth is they will get tired along the way if they keep hearing the same thing over and over. So key thing here is to do it differently, use different ways to say the same thing. For instance, if you own a beauty brand, aside selling your beauty products you can also share contents on ways to keep your skin healthy, daily routines to keep your skin clean. If previous contents, you’ve written a long post about it, maybe next time try sharing a video content on how to care for your skin, or you could speak to a dermatologist to share some useful tips. All these are different way to achieve the same thing.

Content today is very important to any brand’s growth. If you haven’t taken time to develop your content strategy, you should have a second look. Creating your own content gives you an advantage to tell your own story in your own way.

This article was originally published on the Business and Financial Times Newspaper on 8/11/2019

Photo credit: google images