The COVID-19 pandemic has left us in a state of despair and uncertainty. We didn’t anticipate this neither were we prepared on  how to navigate this new normal. Business activities have been disrupted and owners have had to shut down temporarily or find alternative but effective means to reach their customers while remaining empathetic and ethical.

More than ever, how we communicate will change drastically. What brands should consider now is how best to communicate with the people that matter most to them. What should you be communicating at this point where many people are staying indoors and making use of the digital space?

Show Empathy

In the wake of COVID-19, you need to start investing time into showing genuine concern and affection to your customers, staff and vendors. Don’t reach out to them only when you need to make a purchase or assign a task. Regularly check up on them through text, whatsapp, calls and other social media platforms to find out how they are also coping.  Listen to their needs and offer help.

Share your Brand story

 A lot of people are spending more time online now. Here’s the perfect time to share your journey as a business. Talk about what you are doing to support and contain the spread of the virus. If you are into fashion, let people see how you are contributing to bridging the lack of PPE’s in our country by diverting your resources into production of PPE’s.  Encourage your audience to observe safety protocols. Also, understand what will make your audience take action or what they need right now and establish stories that create emotional connection with your audience.


 A lot of people may be going through several challenges due to the pandemic and this is not the time to be all over their timelines trying to push for sales. That will look insensitive. Don’t  use your platforms to spread fear and panic. Rather, inspire people. Share tips and motivational words on how people can stay strong and positive. Offer real value in both your actions and your communications. For instance, if you are into a salon or skincare business, this is the time to post and share short ‘Do-It-Yourself’ videos and other routines with your customers who are unable to visit your shop. Through this, they will learn the basic skills on maintaining their hair or skin. Guess what? When this is over, they will patronize your services because you were very helpful during the period.

Collaboration over Competition

We’ve always talked about the power of collaboration. Here’s the right time to put it into practice as we are in a very critical time now with very limited resources. Partnering another brand will be beneficial to both brands. You can tap into each other’s resources and skills and develop products that will be beneficial to your audience or customers. You may partner or collaborate with another colleague to produce online courses that will teach people to adapt new skills. You can also collaborate with other brands to share their knowledge/lessons/experiences with your audience via social media platforms.