I know this doesn’t sound like all that we’ve heard throughout the year.  But guess what, it is by far my best year yet. Many different things happened but here’s how significant this year has been for me:

  • Early in February, I was named among 10 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020 by womanrising.org
  • I signed up my first client for the year (Horseman Shoes) but it was for a short period of two months as Covid19 happened and we just had to discontinue our engagement.
  • In April, I was listed among 10 Woman Rising Personal Brands they admire also by womanrising.org
  • In the midst of the pandemic, I hosted 2 online virtual PR Talk Live for Women in PR Ghana during the pandemic period. It was something I really wanted to continue but for some reason, I didn’t have the commitment to do so.
  • In June, I was invited by The Comms Avenue to share my lessons from building a thriving PR Firm “A Chat with a Comms Professional”  a community network based in Nigeria.
  • In May, I landed my  2nd client for the year ‘Pure Persona by Nana” a beauty, wellness and lifestyle brand (May – date)

  • In July, I led the team to organize the 4th Women in PR Ghana Summit Virtual.  I was so proud of this achievement because we had literally no sponsors this year but I was still determined to pull it off because I knew the impact of our summit to many professionals and students. With personal funding and cash support from Mahogany Consult, we managed to hold this year’s event. Attracting thousands of people online.
  • In July that same month, I spoke at the Future Fashion Fund Summit & Masterclass organized by Accra Mall and Debonair Afrik
  • In August, I joined a Panel discussion on “Leadership in Crisis – Do Women lead better?’ a webinar organised by Thando Channel, a South African based video on demand channel for African women on the continent.
  • I landed my 3rd Client, though it was also on a short term. “SO Aesthetics’, a makeup brand ( August – September 2020).

  • In September, I won the Communications Category at the 40 Under 40 Achievers & Emerging Leaders Awards and got featured on the cover of the Spectator Newspaper. How exciting huh!

  • Also in September, I participated in a panel discussion at the 5th League of Young Communicators Virtual Summit on Media & Communications Entrepreneurship
  • And the icing on the cake, I finally, I mean finally…. enrolled for my post graduate Studies in Media & Public Relations (MA) via Distance Learning with University of Leicester, in the UK. ( The backend story to this decision after many failed attempts to do my masters, I will one day tell it in another post)
  • My company e’april PR is growing steadily as I took on 2 young PR assistants this year and certainly looking forward to a great year ahead.

In the midst of all these which obviously looked like I have had it all figured, I also experienced everything in between. From all the self-doubts, imposter syndromes, the “why me” questions to moments I will just feel like doing nothing. I had so many low moments but in all, I am grateful I came out much encouraged and positive.  I believe with the support that I got from some very dear person(s), I am been able to get back better.

While all these were going on, something unusual happened.  One I had no idea was going to happen to me of all people. I haven’t stopped asking myself  why this is happening to me. But I believe everything happens for a reason and I know with time, it will all make sense.

I have every reason to be thankful. Most especially to clients who kept working with me even in the heat of the pandemic.

As we prepare for yet another year, I wouldn’t like to make any new year resolutions just like previous years. I would reflect on a theme and let it guide me throughout the year. In 2020, my theme was “Embracing Change” and it’s helped me to embrace all the disappointments from people and things I thought I would have, celebrate small and big victories, love from all the unexpected places, kindness from people I barely know, and all that I went throughout the year.

I would leave you with my favorite quote, “May His Will be done in our lives”

Thank you all for supporting me in one way or the other this year and I wish you all a Prosperous New Year!