It’s been a long while since I published on my blog. Good Lord… it’s not been easy at all. A lot has been happening in between schooling and loosing clients to wondering if I made some good decisions. But I’m here briefly to share a few thoughts on how I got started with finding my niche and keeping it. I hope I inspire you to find yours too.

For those who know me, you will know how passionate I am about the work I do as a Fashion PR Specialist. I have been on this journey for nine years now and I can say it is not the easiest but it’s still the best decision I have made so far.

Now lets talk about Niche or Specialization. It is mostly described as a small, specialized market for a particular product or service. Having a niche means specializing in a particular market or product.

There’s been a lot of conversations in recent times about people specializing in a particular field when it comes to their career choice or business. That said,  it is one thing to find your niche and another thing to keep your niche.

First, lets talk about how to find your niche.

Ask yourself these question… what am I passionate about? What do I love to do without having to spend too much time doing? Or what issue, industry do I love to talk about and want to see change in?

Now the next question to ask is what skills do I have and how do I use that skills for that industry or to impact that which I am passionate about?

Let me use myself as an example. I love fashion and also love to see fashion people communicate the right way about their brand. That’s how I found my niche in Fashion PR.

I am a trained Public Relations professional. Which means I have the skills to write, to develop strategies, to build networks and manage relationships, to get them featured in the media and connect with audiences who are useful for fashion brands.

So I use my skills as a PR person to offer my services to brands within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.

The next thing is keeping your Niche.

This is the most difficult aspect of it. Once you identify your niche and start out, know that it would come with a lot of challenges.

Keeping your niche means you have to specialize in that industry for many years to be recognized and known for the services you offer. It also means you need to cultivate the patience of nurturing that into a profitable business. While in that process, many juicy offers will come your way which will be tempting and if you are not determined, you can easily abandon this path for that offer. In some cases, it is great to look at the monetary aspect of it because hey you need the money to survive as well, but is also more fulfilling to do what you love knowing you are making an impact in your own small way.

It is always great to be known for something. And to achieve that, you need to specialize in that particular field for a very long time.

I hope you find this helpful? Do share your thoughts if you’ve been able to find your niche or in the process of finding yours too. Let’s talk below…