It’s been about two months since we attended the much anticipated Women in PR Ghana Summit after having to opt for a virtual edition last year due to Covid. Strangely, I thought I was going to take time off to get some rest but that never happened. I managed just a weekend break and off to the next. Let me whisper that something new and exciting is coming with Women in PR Ghana. Just look forward to it. wink wink

After all is said and done, being a young entrepreneur is tough especially when you know that resting ‘plenty’ means no money coming in. You quickly jump back to getting the job done. And this off-course is handling PR for my clients. If you are aware, PR pro’s are mostly engaged behind the scenes which makes it difficult for companies and other people to know what we do and how we influence and make impact on brands. As a result of this perception, I have taken it upon myself to share what I do as a PR professional just so others can better understand what I do.

My client “Selina Beb” recently won an award for the best Accessory Designer at the Fashion Ghana Honors and Awards. Ideally, I should have attended with her but I was unable to do so because I had to travel out of town that weekend. Regardless of that, I put together a quick news story to let more people know about her win and also use the opportunity to share her success stories over the years and why she deserves that awards.

Just last month, I signed up a new client to handle PR for her jewellery brand called SAHMANI. Sahmani is a Ghanaian luxury jewellery brand founded by Aisha Asamany, that specialises in premium made-to-order handcrafted pieces with collections that infuse traditional Ghanaian symbolism and cultural cues. We have used the last month to take her through the on-boarding process and get her brand & personal bio ready for media features. We have also outlined some strategies which will be implemented in the coming months. Check her pieces out and order your bespoke jewellery for yourself or as a Gift for someone special. They also work bespoke wedding and engagement rings.

In June, myself and a colleague friend named Naasei Boadi (A Digital Markerting Consultant) launched a new media portal after several months of discussing how we can create a unified platform that converges both our experiences in Digital, Media, PR amongst others. We are looking to use the platform to offer opportunities to writers in the lifestyle, fashion and the beauty space. The virtual launch had a discussion with Nana Mensah (CEO of Ghana Menswear Week) and Akuvi Adjabs (Author and Fashion Enthusiast) as we discussed how today’s brands can utilize new media to their advantage.

In July, I took on another client. The task was mainly to provide content for her new blog called Coca Insights. This is an aspect of her e-Commerce website called Coca Look. Check out some of the articles we’ve written so far.

Another client of mine “Adubea Jensen” was also awarded at the Best Accessory Brand of the Year at the maiden edition of ACAfest Awards organised by Global Ovations and as usual I had to draft a copy to share with clients and on social media platforms.

One other activity that was frequent in my last few months was having requests from a number of companies requesting for PR plans and Costing. While that is great because it means I am doing something great and people are reaching out because they would need my  services, in other situations, it can can draining because some never get back and bolt off with your ideas. While in the last year, I would charge to put together a PR plan for clients, I could’t continue with that this year. I devised a simple word document bullet point of plans which I can do in about an hour or two and would be willing to work on a detailed plan when i get confirmed. I think this strategy works for me. I know my colleagues in the agency side can relate to this frustration.

Also, I am expanding my team and have taken on a new PR Assistant to help me in managing new clients and other additional projects coming up. She brings in some energy and vibe I admire and I hope she’ll bring her A-game on to take e’april PR to another level. Welcome Flora Addisson!. I look forward to creating magic with you. I am also currently working with a writer and an Intern.

And another exciting thing I did was to finally launch my company website. Phew… that was long over due. It took long in coming but I’m glad i’ve gotten it off my to-do this year. Have you been on there? Check it out and share your thoughts

Coupled with all these is having my Distance Learning for my MA and this has been a tough one but I am putting in my best. Can’t wait to get it done soon.

I’m very positive about the rest of the year because I am confident we’ll secure a few more clients and do some exciting things. I would wait to share with you all when the time is right. Until I get back to update you again on what I’ve been up to, I hope you are equally chasing your dreams and doing the things you love? Ciao!